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Our Development Stack

HTML5 Logo


Is the latest version of HTML all websites are rendered with some version of HTML. HTML5 brings new tags, canvas and custom attributes along with other useful features that make the markup more powerful.

CSS3 Logo


The latest version of CSS which allows for the separation of design from the markup. CSS3 comes with some awesome new features like rounded corners, shadows, gradients and transitions.

JavaScript Logo


Is a client scripting language which means it runs in the browser. With the release of Node.js and the rest of the MEAN stack JavaScript now runs on the server. Making it the only language that can run on both the front-end and back-end and this is one of the reasons it continues to rapidly grow in popularity. JavaScript brings much need functionality to websites and web applications and makes a significantly better user experience.

PHP Logo


Our server side programming language of choice. PHP is the only server side language that was built for the web. The release of PHP 7 has brought huge benefits to the language including a huge boost in speed. It significantly out performs other common server side languages like Ruby, Python and Perl. It now also supports scalar type hints and specifying return types. This allows us to use proven design patterns and techniques from other languages like Java.

MariaDB Logo


For databases we use MariaDB. Which is a more open source version of MySQL created by some of the people from the MySQL team. While MySQL is still open source the future is a little less clear and we still use MySQL on occasion.

Laravel Logo


Is a modern PHP framework with a strong and active community. Build with the goal of developer happiness in mind and convention over configuration. Laravel has routing, authentication, queues and awesome ORM among many other great and useful features.

Vue.js Logo


Is a newer JavaScript framework it is very light weight and designed with ease of use in mind. This is making Vue one of the fastest growing JavaScript frameworks. It also has a 20KB min+gzip runtime and extremely fast virtual DOM. Vue is great for building user interfaces and data binding amongst other things.